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Simply Amazing Sitka Tour
Bears, Raptors & Totems

Get to know Alaska’s first capitol and experience this unique city through the eyes of a local guide. 


Our tour begins at the Harrigan Centennial Hall. Here you’ll come aboard a comfortable full-size passenger van and we'll head south on Sitka's road system. Along the way we might spot bald eagles in the tree tops and Sitka Black Tail deer grazing on brush. We’ll contour Silver Bay, a body of water surrounded by high mountains.  In the later months Humpback and Minke whales can sometimes  be seen here. With time and weather permitting we’ll stop here for photos.


Near the end of the road system we'll arrive at The Fortress of the Bear. This non-profit rescue facility is home to seven Alaskan bears. Here we'll get up close and personal with our four rescued  beautiful Alaskan Coastal Brown Bears and three Black Bears--the only black bears on Baranof Island. 

 After spending time with our bears we'll travel to The Alaskan Raptor Center. This rehabilitation center for birds of prey has a state of the art flight room and is  home to multiple rescued Eagles, owls and other birds of prey found in Southeast Alaska.


 To cap off this tour our final stop will be at Sitka National Historical Park; this protected area of temperate rain forest stretches  out to a peninsula and offers  multiple, easily accessible trail loops that contour Indian river and the Eastern Channel waters.  Totem poles punctuate these trails. This park is also the site of a battle between the Sheetka Kwan Kiksadi Clan and Russian American troops, during the 19th century.  Our guests can choose to walk through the park or a visit to the park’s amazing cultural center, which offers its own onsite interpreters, as well as exhibits and demonstrations for traditional techniques such as carving, working with fur, beading, and metal working. 

What's Included

Admission:  This tour includes admission into The Fortress of the Bear

Admission: This tour includes admission into the Alaska Raptor Center

Guided:  Group's very own knowledgeable tour guide

Tour Size: Our tours are limited to up to 14 guests, giving it a fun and personable experience

Tour Duration: Our tours run two (2.5) hours in  length. This gives us enough time to show you around and still allows you time explore downtown, shopping and the local cuisine.

Mode of Transportation: Our Vehicles are clean and comfortable full-size passenger vans.

Depart/Return Point: Our tour departs/returns from Harrigan Centennial Hall 330 Harbor Drive Sitka, AK  99835 ; this location is also known as the Sitka Visitor Center and serves as the central facility for cruise line passengers, which are brought to this facility via lighter boats (if cruise ship is anchored) or by bus (if cruise ship is docked).


--This tour is not wheel chair or mobile scooter accessible

--small children must be car-seated

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